【Campaign】500,000 USDT jackpot and 20,000 USDT give away — Start getting rich while registering

  1. Event details:

-First heist: 500,000 USDT Jackpot

  • 19 lucky new users will be drawn weekly to split 40,000 USDT.
  • Duration: May 4th, 2020- Jul 13th, 2020.

-Second heist: Team up with your friends

  • You receive 1 USDT when every new user registers with your invitation code.
  • Maximum 5,000 USDT per week, total 20,000 USDT in four weeks.
  • Maximum 100 USDT per person.
  • Example: You invited 200 users in total, and you will receive the prize of 100 USDT.
  • Duration: May 4th, 2020- Jun 1st , 2020.

-Third heist: Go big or go home

  • 10 USDT per every new user you invite that passes the advanced verification.
  • Prizes are not limited.
  • Duration: May 4th, 2020- Jun 1st , 2020.

2. Note:

  • Advanced verification requires your nationality, full name and photo of your ID. More information: https://reurl.cc/3DxpAl
  • The number of new users will be counted every Tuesday for the past week from Monday 00:00 to 23:59 this Sunday.
  • The weekly reward limit of the second heist is 5,000 USDT. If the total number of newly registered people has exceeded the reward limit, reward will not be issued. Whether the number of registered people per week exceeds the upper limit will not be announced on the official website.
  • The validity of the KYC data and records of any participating activities retained or generated by it are mainly based on the records of the ProEX system time.
  • ProEX reserves all rights to pursue legal action against the participants who use any means to sabotage the campaign, and the participants will be disqualified.
  • ProEX reserves all rights to change, explain, pause, cancel the | campaign and prize.

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